Interview: Richard Ashcroft “Locarno war der Hammer” sprach mit dem ehemaligen The-Verve-Sänger über sein neues Projekt “The United Nations Of Sound”, seine Rolle als Bandleader und den Gig in Locarno.

Hi Richard, how are you doing?
Thanks, I’m doing great. I’m sitting in a hotel room in London and I’m doing some interviews. The more interviews I do, the more I can cancel in the future. No, just kidding. I’m very excited about this new record. We’ve put a lot of soul into it.

Would you say that this record is totally different than your previous work?
No, I wouldn’t say it’s totally different, there was just a new approach. Some of the songs were written years ago, some were written in the studio. Yeah, the songwriting was a bit different. But in the end, it’s again some guys who write and perform music.

How is touring with this new project?
It’s been amazing so far. We did a few European shows in June where we played the new songs live for the first time. Actually, we wanted to go on tour when the record is out but it got delayed a bit. We played some new songs like “Are You Ready?” or “Born Again” and also some old songs. There are songs that have to be played like they are on the record and others can be played acoustically, especially the old ones.

Do you see yourself as the leader of the project or are you just part of it?
Well, in the end, it’s my project but it’s not like I’m the boss or so. “The United Nations Of Sound” is a collective of great musicians who want to work together.

And you can exchange the musicians without renaming the band.
Yes, that’s right. The project name is right for this record. I don’t know if my next project is gonna be this again, but it’s definitely something that you can always do again in the future.

We’re a Swiss online magazine. Do you remember anything special about Switzerland?
Oh yes, I remember lots of things, most notably the gigs we played in Switzerland. We’ve been to Geneva with The Verve. That’s a long time ago. And I also remember the gigs I’ve done with Coldplay. The show in Locarno along with the one in Verona was one of my highlights. It had been a long time since I was touring so it was a big experience for all of us. One day you’re somewhere in Scandinavia and then you’re driving all the way through Europe to play in Switzerland. That was great. I really hope to come back in Autumn, we’ll be playing some more shows once the record is out.

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