Chartstürmer K’Naan erzählt uns wieso er über so was dummes wie Rassimus nur noch lachen kann.

Asking Five mit K’Naan

K’Naan -Alter:32 – Beruf: Musiker – Sein Song “Wavin Flag” ist der offizielle Coca-Cola Werbesong zur WM 2010.

Numer One: If you would have to stay in one city for the rest of your life, where would you stay?

K’Naan: Shit, i don’t know .. Paradise? I think I’d stay in Sansibar. It’s georgous, and it’s kind of like the idea of paradise.

Number Two: What was the last book you read?

K’Naan: The last book i read was called „The Story Of Forgetting“ by Stefan Merrill Block.

It‘ about alzheimer, but it’s beautiful. It’s tough, but it’s so interesting. It’s crazy to say this, but it almost romanticizes the idea of having alzheimer. The writer successfully transports you into someone who has it, and you almost wanna get it, unfortunattly. It’s sad to say but he makes it so beautiful.. the idea of forgetting.

Numer Three: Who is your favorite artist at the moment and why?

Right now it’s Damien Marley. He is just really interesting to watch as an musician, as an artist. He lives in the moment. I’ve been around him as a close friend for a few years, and i watch him work and it’s something to whitness. He never really allows anything affect his muisc, it’s just about that moment.

Number Four : Did you ever have to face rasiscm? And how do you deal with it ?

K’Naan: Of course i faced rasicm. I faced prejudice and all of that. How do you deal with it?
It’s really frustrating. It’s one of the things that can pull out my rage and my anger.

Nothing else can really bother me. I’m usually a very calm kind of person. But becauce of how much stupidity , the sheer level of stupidity, it takes to be racist character or a prejudiced human being, that alone makes me feel  rage full, because it’s impossible for me to allow it to exist around me. I just look at it and i’m like this is too stupid for me to be okay with it or to brush it off. However i think somethimes the stupididty gets so great, that it’s humorous as well. So nowadays i laugh at racism more then i am offended by it.

Number Five: What do you feel like having for dinner tonight?

K’Naan: Oh i don’t know, i‘m so full now, I just ate. I’ts impossible to image food ! I feel like i’m never gonna eat again !